What you should know to succeed – The success checklist

        Most of us know that it takes a lot to succeed but what you should know is that success is illusional most of the times. We assume someone to be successful or we start acting upon something, thinking that we are on the right path but end up at a wrong destination. Are we correct about the definition of success or is it just our perception of it?

Here is a roadmap to find out what you need to know to succeed.  We are going to talk about the nos and yeses that make it to the success checklist. Meaning and parameters of success differ from person to person. Realising the real meaning of success has helped me live my life the way I want with utter happiness. This article is just a small attempt to make you aware of the facts and myths of success.

The deceiving world

    Many a time we think that someone is successful based upon a few specific parameters but the question is whether we are right about it or our thoughts have deceived us? We will talk about the myths and facts that you should know about success that can help us find the correct road map to it. After completing this article you will be able to gage as what it takes to be in the checklist of success. What the real checklist of success is! Let’s talk about myths first so that we can concentrate on facts later for us to keep in mind. We all live a world where materialism has become a thing.

We measure someone’s success based on one's possessions than Calibre.

This throws us into the world where our choices depend upon the external forces than our own drive for it. This human nature has resulted in creating so many myths about success.

You are successful if you are rich

This is the most common myth or illusion we come across if we count success. You may not second that by saying we all dream to be rich and that is the ultimate success. Being rich can be an ambition but can’t guarantee success.

There are so many rich kids who are fortunate to inherit the rich lifestyle their parents leave for them. That doesn’t mean they are successful. 

Success refers to your ability to do the best in what you do. There are so many not so rich people who are good at their craft who are successful. A handicraft artisan may not earn as much as the CEO of a big corporation but he can be regarded as successful in his field based on his quality work.

You are successful if you have a high paying job

How can you call it a myth, right? A high paying job can help you succeed but in most cases, it does not. It takes a lot of hard work to get a high paying job. People work so hard for it and few even spend their entire life striding their way towards a dream job. Landing a high paying job helps you buy what you want. It may take care of your bills but what matters is the cost that you have to pay for it. Cost in terms of your time, happiness, relationships and sometimes, your creativity too. This can be explained better with the next point.

You are successful if you own a prized possession

We are in a materialistic world where our spending pattern is based on external forces than internal ones. We often end up buying a prized possession, whether it’s a need or not. Someone with a high paying job would want to upgrade his lifestyle so he buys an expensive car. A car that needs a high cost of maintenance.

Because they have a high paying job they prefer borrowing a loan to buy that car as the car may cost a fortune. It might be one years' worth of their salary. Buying a car on Easy Monthly Instalments is not bad but the real game starts after that.  A high paying job allows someone to buy an expensive car on loan with an added high maintenance cost.

 A few months later a sudden need of buying a house arises and a high paying salary is diverted towards paying the home loan.

So, a hefty part of the salary goes into paying the monthly instalments. It continues for months and in some scenarios, years as well.

This entire process puts your job on the line. The constant need to pay the overheads created by you, compels you to work only for money rather than working for you. Suddenly those prized possessions become your liabilities rather than your dreams. How can we call it a success if you are in a continuous misery for paying your bills?

You are successful if you are famous

How many of you think that all famous people are successful? Being famous and being successful are two different terms. A person can be famous or popular for any reason. Being popular doesn’t make them successful. A serial killer who gains popularity in the newspapers or channels can’t be considered as successful.

Someone with a pretty face may have more followers on social media than a scientist working in a lab who doesn’t post pictures on social media.

In short, the number of followers on social media and popularity does not guarantee success.

The success checklist

If the above-mentioned topics are myths then what’s the fact? Does a success checklist even exist? Yes, it does. Success is a highly positive yet ambitious word. It demands a highly positive and balanced mind. Let’s witness the ultimate facts about the checklist


We usually hear that successful people believe in investments. It doesn’t only refer to invest money in business or for future benefits, but also refers to invest in themselves. They believe in investing money and time to create a better version of themselves.

Successful people are always on the quest to learn something new that will benefit them. Be it financially or mentally. 

Successful people always tend to improve their skills. They are hungry to learn new skills and work on their craft for better results. Successful people make an extra effort to polish their niche.


One more fact you should know to succeed is adaptability to the circumstances. Successful people adapt themselves according to the situation or market conditions. They adapt themselves personally as well as professionally. They find out the root cause of the situation and find out all the possible outcomes. This helps them to put the best foot forward.

Successful people are always ready for change. They are not the slaves of their habits and routines. Adaptability results in favourable working conditions that lead to resolve the issues. This helps them sustain the competition and reach the milestones.


Successful people stick to a particular pattern when it comes to their spendings. One remarkable fact what you should know to succeed is,

successful people prioritise their expenses.

They simply differentiate need from wants. They buy something only if it’s required or only if they want. In simple terms, they don’t spend because people expect them to spend. They don’t get into the competition to buy prized possessions if it’s not needed.

Health and happiness

This is the key point in the checklist of what you should know to succeed. Successful people give more importance to health and happiness than money. They know that a healthy lifestyle can keep them fit and happy, and a happy mindset can fetch good results.

A rich man with a poor health condition (not a medical condition due to illness) or who does not have an active life, can’t be regarded as a successful one. Imagine If a man is super rich but can’t even enjoy a single day because of constant deteriorating health.

An Asian country called Bhutan measures the gross domestic happiness of the people of their country. Successful people follow this in their personal life. For them,

happiness and health are above profits and income.


Successful people know that relationships play a vital role in improving the quality of their life, so they always tend to create and maintain relationships. A positive approach with the other perspective always enhances one's performance.

They manage their time and make an extra effort to meet and spend time with the people they value. Successful people are grateful to everyone who gives them positive vibes.


Now having this checked in what you should know to succeed, is enormously important. Success is not a single attempt, it’s a continuous process in what you are doing. You have to be consistently consistent in following all the above paths to succeed. Successful people are consistent in approach.

They don’t work out to stay fit Just for a day, they do it consistently for a longer period.  They budget their expenses for a longer time and they are students for their entire life.


So if you tick all the above points in the checklist, congratulations you are on the right path. If you could tick only one or two points then don’t worry, read the first checkpoint of investments. Invest your time and money and follow all the later points.

Didn’t find any point to tick? Then too, be rest assured and start with the first point. As I said successful people are always ready for the change.  So irrespective of all the money you have in your bank account.

you are successful if you -

  • Continuously invest in yourself.
  • Adapt according to the situation.
  • Budget your finance.
  • Give importance to health, relationships and happiness. 
  • Repeat all the above activities every day. 

You are important

      Try this method and do let me know about your thoughts on this article in the comment section. You can also read another article The 7/3 formula to turn hobby into career . I have used Englishlamp.com to enhance my English language skills. I hope it will help you as well. Thank you

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