What can I do about mental health?

     No, this article is not about sugar quoted motivational paragraphs and this article is neither about the judgmental thought process of society nor about the facts and figures of mental illness because you can find it on google. If the question- What can I do about mental health? haunts you then this article is for you. If you are a non-judgmental human who is willing to make a difference, then this article is for you. This article is simply for a common man like me, who doesn’t hold any medical degree yet wants to try his bit to prevent suicidal thoughts.

The ultimate remedy on mental illness is the treatment period

 Reality check

What can I do about mental health is more of a personal approach, so before we start, let me tell you that people with suicidal thoughts are not cowards. An emotionally strong person also can suffer from ill mental health.

This article is just a blueprint to prevent medical illness and building the bridge between the patient and the doctor. Yes, mental illness is a medical condition, accept it.  There are multiple types of medical illnesses but we are going to focus on what we, as common people can do and prevent.

This article is all about the contribution of an average man like me who really wants to excel in life and maintain mental hygiene. Can I really make a difference and Is it possible to prevent suicidal thoughts? Let’s find out.


There are various reasons that people choose to end their life but we are going to talk about the ones that we can control or prevent.


We do something that we find right at that time but later we realise it wasn’t the right step. So relatable, isn’t it? We forgive us most of the times but there are few mistakes that haunt us forever and a race between guilt and reasoning starts.

Guilt has higher chances to win over reasoning if you are a good human. Yes, there is nothing wrong in feeling guilty and sorry for something, it’s natural and it makes you human. The only issue is that we tend to bring negativity in our life and if we think more about it, it may lead to suicidal thoughts.


  • The easiest way to get rid of it is apologising. Confessing it with the victim of your actions or anyone you trust.
  • Accept your fault
  • Channelize that energy to make it work or correct your fault in whatever little way you can.
  • This will make you feel good about it

If the above chronology doesn’t work,

  • Consult a doctor.

Let him take off your burden. After all, you are just human.

Take away

You are just a human and you are born to make mistakes.

Ego and insecurity

The most common reason that most of us don’t talk about is Ego and insecurity. Ego makes our thoughts rigid and so our life. Insecurity adds some more fuel to the fire. Egoistic people take their life so seriously that they can’t handle failures. Insecure people are always on the hunt to be the best and can’t stand anyone else above them. They think they deserve all the best things in the world and they want to win all the time.

They are hardworking but they carry this baggage of their personality and expectations. It builds this emotional wall that they don’t let anyone break and even they don’t break it. Failures are like shock treatments for them. Failure here is not just in career but also in personal life. They can’t handle rejections in any aspect of their life. They have a superiority complex and think that normal people won’t understand their problems.


  • Identify whether it’s really an ego or just a temporary feeling about something.
  • Monitor the behaviour for 2-3 days.
  • You are not the only failure in the world.
  • Get the reality check- whether you lose or win, people have a short memory.
  • Focus on your ability and improvements in your skills rather than your image.
  • Break that wall and share it.
  • Make calls to friends, family to share.
  • You are just a human; you are meant to make mistakes.

Still, find yourself to be lonely?

  • Consult a doctor. You won’t demean yourself by asking for help

 Take away

No matter how hard you work, there will always be someone who will surpass your achievements, so be happy wherever you are. There are so many just dream to live the life you are living now.

Emotions and being sensitive

These are the most genuine and most lovable people in the world. Show them some affection and they will do anything or you. Emotions play a vital role in our mental health. Emotional people are the most vulnerable ones.  Emotional people have higher chances of getting affected. It can happen with anyone irrespective of one’s financial condition as mental health is not related to financial problems alone. Successful and rich people too suffer mental illness.

Emotional and sensitive people must be handled with the utmost care. One word here and there and they start thinking too much about it because they listen to us carefully and value us the most. Whether its work or personal life, sensitive people treat everyone with the utmost love and care that increases the chances of getting hurt because not all will treat them the way they deserve.


  • Since these people need the utmost care, it becomes difficult to get over it for an emotional person on his own.
  • If you are sensitive, you either need to analyse your actions whether its based-on emotions or go straight to your loved ones and open your heart out.
  • Consultation with a doctor is highly recommended.


You are not the only one suffering from your problems. You are emotional and sensitive and that is the most likeable and adorable quality of humans, so you are awesome.

Low Self-esteem

Unfortunately, in most scenarios, we all as a society are responsible to make someone feel inferior as humans usually like the feeling of being better than someone or being superior to someone. Discriminating and judging on the basis of looks and choices of clothes they were or the way they talk or even their walking style, colour, gender, caste, religion and nationality are some of the reasons that someone develops low self-esteem.

They start feeling inferior to others that results in low performance in career and lack of happiness in life. This continuous demeaning lifestyle makes them pessimistic about life and they fail to concentrate on the brighter side.


  • Concentrate on the positive and good things you have.
  • Be grateful to things you have that many even dream about.
  • There is always someone who is not as privileged as you.
  • Not everyone criticising you can be right about it. No need to listen to every opinion they make about you.
  • Analyse whether it’s constructive criticism or it is coming out of hatred.
  • The only way to prevent this is by being non-judgmental.
  • It’s a collective effort of supporting each other’s flows and helping each other to make a better version of ourselves.
  • Talk to your loved ones.

If this doesn’t work

Consult a doctor.

Take away

People are anyway going to judge you irrespective of whatever you do. You can’t make everyone happy. You are human, not a clown. So, whatever you do, do it with full conviction.


Now that you know What we, as common people do to at-least prevent and safeguard our friends and family from mental issues,  Let us revise-

  • Don’t run away but analyse and find out the problem.
  • Accept the problem.
  • Open your heart out to anyone, it may not solve your problem but you will feel good.
  • Consult a doctor
  • Be ready for the treatment
  • Act to come out of it.
  • Spread only the good thoughts.

And remember,

You are just a human; you are born to make mistakes. Nothing is important in this world than your precious life. 

You are important

Try it and let me know about your thoughts on this technique in the comment box below. Well, I hope you have got the answer to the question, What can I do about mental health?.  Learn the trick to find happiness in your workI use thebestuknow.com  to enhance my English language skills. 

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