How to choose a profession that will keep you happy

 How to choose a profession that will make you happy? is the most common question that has occurred to our minds at least once in our lifetime.

Our mind deceives to believe that a particular field is our realm and we even end up getting there but a few years later we realize that time has tricked us to lure into it.

 A trap that holds you tight in its arms and we start waiting for weekends where we get a passage out to this five-day working life. We are happy on weekends and there comes Monday for us to get in the same old boring life and we start cursing that first day of the week instead of cursing our choices and thinking whether we really need to choose a profession that can make us happy. 

             We often end up living just for weekends and we stop enjoying the rest 5 important days of the week. If we calculate the number of days in a year that we are actually happy or enjoying is just those two dates of weekends that counts to be just 96 days out of 365 days of the whole year. You can add a few sick leaves that we take to shop or when we get bored to report to work. Few of us make this routine their life and they programme their brains to function like a robot for five days and as humans on weekends. 

              In this entire process, we forget that we need to be happy as well.

Happiness or a happy mental space has a huge contribution in shaping up our career.

 Game changer   

   Here is a technique that has helped me find my career choice. I was always confused about choosing a career. No wonder I was an average student and that made me a jack of all trades which was not advisable in school days. My communication skill was average and so was my confidence. Right from my school days, the only thing I was good at, was to participate. Yes, I used to participate in every possible competition and I would often end up being mediocre. I never stood first but I could manage to get at least a participation certificate. Gradually I developed an interest in marketing and sales, so after completing my graduation, I opted for a marketing job. I started enjoying my job and time at work. The feeling of doing something worthwhile for myself in exchange for money was amazing. Months went by and

the gleam in my eyes that used to occur after getting the salary each month started fading away. 

Just when I thought I was in the right place, I started disliking it. I was again at the same place where I started from, 'an average guy'. I had this weird habit of talking to myself about my life problems and had the habit of getting to the root cause of it. After a lot of discussions with my parents and reading about how people are successful and why so, I discovered a technique that has helped me in these ten years that may help you as well. It has completely changed my life. Its nothing but a small interesting game that we need to play for the next eleven days. It’s a game of practice called a game of lists.

Game of lists.

This is the first step to get the answer on how to choose a profession that will keep us happy. Yes, all you need is a pen and a paper and a few lists. But first, you have to prepare a list of the things that you like doing.

For example-

  • Teaching
  • Writing
  • Dancing
  • Watching TV
  • Nail painting

Anything that you like. You can add your hobbies and the things you are not good at but interest you as well. Now prioritize it on the basis of your likeness. Let’s say you like teaching as your first choice. So, write ‘teaching’ as the first word in the list. Then make the lists of the skills you have.

For example-

  • Confident,
  • Average communication skills,
  • ability to play a musical instrument. Etc

Now it’s time to do what we have been doing all the time in our school and college time,

Match the following

 The next step in determining to how to choose a profession you like, all you have to do is match the skills you have with the interests that require such skill. For example- if you like teaching or interacting with people then you need communication skills to do that. So, write ‘communication skills’ in front of it. Like this

Teaching- communication skills  

Now is the time for the next level of this game called


 It is five days practice. Next five days you have to devote at least an hour or two for your favourite work that is Teaching. Choose a topic you like and start teaching someone. Don’t have anyone to teach? Don’t worry. Imagine that you have someone in front of you and start explaining the points you want. You can choose any topic, by any I mean any. You can talk about science or even start by sharing your feelings about someone you like but the catch is, you have to convey it in a manner as if you are explaining it to someone. What I mean by this is whatever your interest priority would be, just start practicing it for the next five days.

The decider

On the sixth day,  to determine the factors on how to choose a profession that makes you happy, write your observation on your performance and the skill that you already possess.

  • How was your communication on the scale of 1 to 10?
  • Did you really enjoy doing it?
  • What did you like the most?
  • What didn’t you like about it?

And the important questions-

  • What are the other skills that are required for this profession that you don’t have?
  • What teachers have to do apart from just teaching?
  • How do teachers prepare for their lectures?

   An English teacher will not just teach Grammar, he will also read different books, take some notes, correct answer papers, etc. If you don’t know what has to be done in the profession you like the most then ask someone who is already been part of it or just google it. you will come to know. Once you get the answer to the skills you need to obtain, start making its list. Now you are ready for the next level.

The final half 

    These five days are the deciding factors to know how to choose a profession that makes you happy and is going to be a bit hectic as compared to your first five days. In every profession, we have to consistently perform actions that we like and few that we don’t like. That is what we are going to test here, your mental or physical endurance.

Let’s play

  Since you already have the list of the skills required for a teaching profession that you don’t possess, it’s time to acquire those skills. Let’s say you have good communication skills and you are confident but you are losing on vocabulary, so you need to start working on your vocabulary.

Teachers need to read a lot to get good subject knowledge. Start reading about the subject that you have chosen to teach in this game. The only catch is, instead of doing it just for an hour or two, you will have to increase your practice time. From one hour to two and from two to three and so on. Each day you have to increase the duration.

There will be a time when you will feel exhausted because you are not used to it, it's fine as long as you are back in the game.

  If you look at the watch even once out of boredom, you got the answer. it’s not for you. Get back to the first list and select the second option and play again. But if you forget to keep a tab on time and keep on working on it then my friend, you have got a profession that can keep you happy.

        I am not saying that it will keep you happy forever because our lifestyle or preferences change from time to time. All I am saying is, it will give you a happy and satisfying experience and that will help you explore more things that you can do in your life. 

 This process gives us a chance to look within and concentrate on our inner abilities than judging a profession on the basis of its shimmering glory of being a high paying one.

You are important

Try it and let me know about your thoughts on this technique in the comment box below. This technique has answered the question of how to choose a profession that has made me happy and I hope it will help you as well.  keep visiting I use  to enhance my English language skills. 


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  1. You write how I feel, even if I can’t express it.
    Helpful article, Will surely apply these points in my life

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