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   Have you ever wondered, what would have happened if you would have executed all the ideas that you thought about? Well to create what you want is an art and though it seems pretty easy, it’s not. Let me tell you that I have shared simple steps to getting things done. You can also call it, an art of creation.

     It’s not rocket science but simple things are more complicated than rocket science. We tend to overlook simplicity. Thanks to the natural tendency of humans to take simplicity for granted. 

Reminder before we start

   Before we start, just think about an idea or a thing you want to complete. Be it a painting or a business idea or selling something. It can be anything. Now start reading this article, keeping that thought in mind. This article is designed for everyone whether someone has an idea to create or not so - 

   Qualities like Consistency, interest, and hard work are the basic requirements that you must fulfill to create anything so we are not going to talk about it. Just like you brush your teeth every morning without anyone pushing you to do unless you are unhygienic. Let’s start 

The first jump 

       Whether it’s an artist, businessman, working professional, or anyone, ideas are like the Lamp of Aladdin for everyone. The catch is - how to get one! 

     It’s just a matter of a WRIST


  • Write down all the important words, terms, or services related to your Work or job or hobby
  • Find out the relatable terms or synonyms to those words to make a layman understand. 
  • Then find out what are the issues that people are facing about it. 
  • Think about the solution that you are offering and then use a simplified technique to resolve the issues. 


       Find out the exact reason to create something with your raw idea. Whether you want to earn out of it or it’s just because you love creating something. The core idea behind it has to be concrete. Whether you want to make some money out of it, you are right and whether you just want to create it to be happy, then too, you are right. 

      Whatever would be the reason to create, your idea must add value. Value to your life or someone else’s life or to the society or to the world or to anyone.  That value could be anything.  Whether a solution to any problem or just a simple entertaining blog or something that makes you happy. Being happy adds value to your life. So here, value refers to happiness, entertainment, knowledge, and not just having the potential to earn. 

The harsh reality is, 

Creating something that doesn’t add value doesn’t really help much in the long run. 


   Most of the time when we try to get things done, we try copying or following someone who has been doing it for a long time. That is important but not at this stage. If you try to copy their style, you lose your originality.     Most of the ideas are common in this world but the only difference is style or the way they present it. From all the small brands to the big ones, they are selling the same products but they mix their own style. 

        Any creation mixed with your style creates a unique idea. 

        So whether you are writing any blog or composing a song, do it with your style without thinking about the rules and regulations and the so-called boundaries. Rules limit creativity.

Brush your teeth

    Not literally, but yes brushing up your raw idea is very important. Now that you have created the roadmap of your idea with your heart, it’s time to brush it up with your mind. Using correct and the only required words and actions.

       You thought from your perspective, now think from a layman’s perspective to understand and digest your idea. You need to choose your technique and words according to their understanding if it’s for them and not for you. As I said earlier, the reason for the idea is important as to why exactly you want to create something. 

    For example-   

     I am writing this article to give a solution to everyone who can read simple English so I am not using any fancy English terms. 

 So I wrote according to my understanding first and then just edited a few things to make most of the readers understand, keeping their age group and understanding in mind.  


   Once you make sure of mixing your style with the idea with the understanding of your target audience, it’s time to check it’s authenticity. 

      The world is a small place and there are higher chances of having similar ideas. It’s a common issue with all the creators. Don’t worry, just check what are similar points and again work it out in your style. That makes the presentation look different and a minor resemblance gets blurred. 

       Remember all the romantic comedies? Where a guy and girl fight first because they hate each other and then become best friends and later realize that they are in love and film ends where they get back together? It’s the same dish they serve but with different flavors and sausages and most of us buy it too. 

The ultimate wonder 

       And there you go, after a simple technique of brushing your teeth- again not literally though, you are ready with the ultimate wonder called a unique idea. Congratulations you have just mastered the art of creation. This was just to make you happy because,  to be honest, you need to practice it a lot to master it with ease. 

      Remember? I had shared right at the beginning that the must qualities to master this technique are Consistency, interest, and hard work. 

A quickie 

Not the one you are thinking. I meant revision. Let’s start

  • Follow - WRIST   (Writing-Relatability-issues-solution-technique)
  • Reason- why this idea?
  • Mix with your style
  • Brush it up to make it presentable
  • Check for similarities and give a final touch.
  • Enjoy your process
  • Repeat for a new idea 
  • keep visiting

You are important

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