How to overcome Laziness

   How to overcome laziness is the most common question I get to hear whenever I communicate with someone on their general issues. I like something so much that I start working towards it but then just a few moments later or days later I lose my motivation. Sounds quite familiar right? We all have delayed something due to our laziness at least once in our lifetime. No matter how hardworking we are, how focused we are but there comes a time when we just don’t go for it. But sometimes this habit lures us into its deep lazy world that we often fail to come out of it.
         It’s not that I am never a lazy chap but unintentionally I use some method to get over it and I start working again. So I just analyzed the process to break it into small steps that everyone can follow. Now, I am not saying that If this process has helped me, it will help you but it can definitely give you an idea to work on your laziness. If it works for you then great and if it doesn’t then you will come to know another method that doesn’t work on this laziness problem. That takes us to the first point

What if I do it?

 Yes, I just said that if it doesn’t work on you then you will come to know another method that doesn’t work, but just think what if it worked? Don’t worry I will explain.
       Well, I like writing but there are a few things about it that I don’t like. For example - Translating my podcasts that are in the Hindi language into English for the English readers. I know I must like that because it’s a part of my job but hey, there are some things in your job too that you may not like. So you start procrastinating it and I too started procrastinating.
       I didn’t want to do that and was delaying it. It was so boring and my mind couldn’t concentrate and would easily get distracted. After an hour or two, I thought to myself, what if I do it?   I started getting answers like- my English readers who don’t know Hindi, will be able to read that story. My international readers would read it. The reach of my story will be widened to the entire world. It will benefit me and my website and above all, someone sitting in Ireland or Germany will be able to read it, just because it’s in English.
      I got my motivation and gathered some courage to complete this ugly boring task. That was the first point in the answer on how to overcome laziness. Just 15 minutes into this and there you go, my mind started getting distracted.


    I couldn’t think much about translation, so I decided to take a break for some time. During my break time, I made a black coffee for me, a much-needed self treat because I like black coffee a lot. It boosted my energy and I again remembered the final outcome or result that I may get after finishing my translation task.
     I am not asking you to have black coffee. The point here is to do what you like in your break time. When you do what you like, you be happy and you perform the best when you are happy. Those 10-15 minutes of my black coffee earned myself another 15-20 minutes of the task. After 20 minutes, I again started feeling drained and I again took a break.
The long break
Since I already had black coffee and my stomach was full, I couldn’t have anything so I started watching 'friends' on Netflix. After finishing a few episodes, I realized that I am not in the mood to complete my task. Yes, I know it happens with most of us as well. Since I had already wasted so much time and it was such a tiring day, I decided to sleep as it was already 1 o'clock at night. I didn’t curse myself in any manner as I had decided that I won’t expect much from me on the first day.

Next day

Again, I had to do something that I didn’t like but yesterday’s trick of what if I do it had worked at least for some time for me. I decided to stick to this process and started my work. By this time, I had a clear picture of the outcome that I wanted and I started enjoying that feeling of visualization. I was cracking the code on how to overcome laziness. I took my first break after 20 minutes.
      As usual, I took a break for about 10 minutes and again got back to working on the translation. 20 minutes again that I worked and again took a break for 10-15 minutes. By this time, I got used to this method of visualizing, working, taking a break, and again working.


I finished translating the article in two days and that too, without much hassle. I know, completing this small task took two days of my life which is too slow but I focused on the other side of the coin. Yes, I took two days for something that I should have completed in 2-3 hours but the point here is, I had a story to post on my website.
     I could do it only because I didn’t expect much about my speed but completing this task with a positive mindset.  So,

Don’t expect much from your first attempt, after all, you are a human, not a machine.

 There comes a day when again I had to translate my another Hindi podcast. I followed the same method and to my surprise, I finished it in just one day. Well, don’t ask about the hours because here I was just happy to complete it in a day.


 Every day in the evening when I would stop working, I would analyze my Break time, my actual productive time, and also the state of mind whether I was happy or irritated. That really helped me keep a track of my performance and also the reason behind my performance as in what worked and what didn’t.
  On the first day, I could only work for 35 minutes and that too after taking a coffee break. On the second day, my first session was for around 20 minutes. I couldn’t exceed it but I was consistent. Instead of sitting continuously for 35 minutes, I worked in three shifts of 20 minutes that is almost a double of 35 minutes, making it to 60 minutes. It took only a day for me to finish my second podcast. That was in just half time as compared to the time I took for my first one.
 It’s not about the speed, it’s about finishing it. When you work on productivity rather than time, you save more time in the later assignments.


Yes, you will have to repeat it the next day whenever you think about how to overcome laziness. I am not asking you to do it every day. You can continue for 1-2 days then take a break and then again start for 1-2 days. Once you start liking it, you will realize that you are right on the money.

Let’s revise

What if I do it?

Whenever you don’t know how to overcome laziness, just ask yourself, what if I do it? Visualize the outcomes and start working.

Take small breaks. It’s okay if you get bored in just 5-10 minutes. Take a break and get back to work again.
Don’t keep high expectations from your first day or first assignment as it’s not the part of your routine. You are just a human and not a machine that will function perfectly, right at the word go.
Analyze your actions, performance, and time to keep yourself right on track. If you underperform as compared to the first day, then too say to yourself -  You are not a machine and ask, what if I do it?
The only key to getting over your laziness is repeating your actions whether it’s 10 percent or 20 percent. Finish what you started.

Yes, this is the most important thing you must do. Just kidding. So keep that smile on your face and ask yourself - what if I do it?

You are important 

Do try this method on how to overcome laziness at least to complete one assignment and let me know about your experience. Do let me know your thoughts on this article in the comment box. I use to enhance my English language skills 

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  1. Hey I did read I really have some serious problem with my laziness thing will DM uh the rest ,
    Thank uh for the article though

  2. This will definitely help me and when it practically does I’ll make sure to mention Charulipi 🙂 good job like always!

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